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Nortada Galapagos Diving Cruise

Nortada Cruise Diving

Nortada Yacht Description

The Nortada is a Galapagos charter providing liveaboard diving excursions with professionals and up-to-date equipment. The charter is designed to carry up to 8 passengers, but can accommodate up to 12. Constructed especially for diving, the scuba platform is equipped with benches, outside showers, rinsing facilities, and camera tables. Additionally, there is an upper deck and sun deck. The public areas for guests to mingle and relax consist of the main deck with bridge, galley, an air-conditioned dining room and lounge.

Nortada Cabins

The Nortada was originally built for 8 passengers, accommodating them in four different double cabins with air-conditioning, private baths, lockers, and drawers. If you are interested in a charter with more passengers, the 4 additional guests can be placed in twin sized-Pullman style beds available in each of the four double cabins.

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Nortada Cruise Prices

2019 Prices per person (except charter)

Prices subject to change without prior notice.

Tour 8 DAYS Charter
Humbolt Tour US$ 5,595 US$ 44,760
Panama Tour US$ 4,595 US$ 36,760

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* Charter rates don't apply for Christmas and New Year.

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Both the Humboldt’s and Panama’s tour itineraries will be based off of Wolf and Darwin Island. There is also an alternative Panama tour itinerary with both dives and land tours that will take you to the central and western islands.
Panama tour departures start on January 1st and continue until May 31st.

Humboldt tour departures start on June 1st and continue until January 31st


Nortada Itinerary

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Nortada Photos

Nortada Main Deck & Lounge

Nortada Galapagos Diving Cruise Lounge

Nortada Galapagos Diving Cruise Lounge

Nortada Cabin

Nortada Cabin

Nortada Bathroom

Nortada Bridge

Nortada Diving Cruise

Nortada Galapagos Diving Cruise

Nortada Deck

Nortada Deck

Nortada Deck Plans & Specs


Sky Dancer

The Nortada also provides the following high-end diving equipment with no extra coast!

For Filling Gas:
  • Twin Nuvair HP Compressors (one electric and one diesel)
  • Nitrox / Trimix LP Compressor System (with membrane system to make nitrogen)
  • Haskel Sport Oxygen Boosters
  • Portable Tri-Hunter 3000 Gas Mixing Stick
  • 30 Aluminum 80 cu ft / 12 liter Cylinders (15 for Oxygen/ 15 for Nitrox)
  • 15 Aluminum 100 cu ft / 15 liter Cylinders (Fitted with XS Scuba PRO DIN Insert Valves)
  • 10 Nitrox Compatible 40 cu ft / 6 liter Aluminum Bailout Cylinders (Rigging Stage, Sidemount)
  • 20 Steel 19 cu ft / 2 liter Rebeather Cylinders Fitted with Various Valves
For Gas Analysis:
  • 2 Nuvair Nitrox Analyzers
  • 1 Analytical Industries Trimix Analyzer
For Diver Safety:
  • 10 Nautilus Lifeline Bi-Directional VHF/DSC Marine Radios with GPS
  • 10 Dive Alerts
  • 10 Reef Hooks
  • 10 Emergency Strobes
  • 10 DSMB’s
  • Comprehensive Toolkit
  • An Assortment of Solid Lead Weights
  • Soft-trim Pouches

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