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Plan your Galapagos vacation with Columbus Travel and find the largest selection of Galapagos cruises, land based tours, hotels, and diving trips.

Columbus Travel, an Ecuadorian company headquartered in Quito, with Norwegian Management, has been one of the world's leading tour operators to the Galapagos islands since 1997. We have helped thousands of travelers experience a once-in-a lifetime trip to the Galapagos Islands, and we would be honored to help you.

Browse through our extensive selection of Galapagos tours below, and learn about all of the boats that cruise the Galapagos. Learn more about the Islands using our interactive map which shows you all of the Galapagos National Park approved visitor spots, and plan the ideal time to travel to the islands using our Galapagos weather page.

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What's New?

Galapagos Cruise vs. Land Tour

Land or cruise? That is the question. And here's the showdown with pluses and minuses of each way that you can visit the Galapagos Islands. Which has the edge? It depends on a few of your priorities.

April in the Galapagos

Anytime is an excellent time to visit the Galapagos Islands, but April has its advantages over other months such as the higher availability of last minute deals and wildlife highlights such as the arrival of nearly the entire world population, some 12,000 pairs, of Waved Albatrosses to nest on EspaƱola Island.

The Galapagos Affair

In April 2014 the movie "The Galapagos Affair, Satan Came to Eden" hits the silver screen and brings a long-told true story that took place on the Galapagos to the world scene. (See the trailer here)

Being billed as "Darwin meets Hitchcock", a star studded cast recreates the melodrama, climaxing in a violent still unsolved mystery. Here are the real-life characters and the story of The Galapagos Affair.

When to Visit the Galapagos Islands

When is the best time to go to the Galapagos? There is no “best” time: any time is great to visit “the Enchanted Islands.” But you should know a little about island climate and other variables in order to pick the season that will feature the things you wish to see and do.