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6-Day Galapagos Cruises


Most experts believe that an 8-day cruise is the best balance of time on the islands for the money. While shorter cruises are extremely limited in what you get to see, many people feel that two-week cruises are expensive, long, and even exhausting.

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Puerto Villamil Travel Guide


The Galapagos Islands make for an exciting vacation destination for just about everyone, whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach getaway, an active nature exploration, or a fun family trip. And the town of Puerto Villamil on Isabela Island, is a staple visit for most Galapagos cruises and a great place to stay on a land-based or island-hopping tour.

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Photography Trips in the Galapagos Islands


Capturing your Galapagos experience in stunning pictures is a great way to remember your Galapagos journey and share it with friends and family back home. But if you’re a rookie photographer who’s never really had much experience, you’ll want to practice before you leave so that you’re ready when your Galapagos adventure begins!

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How Much Does a Galapagos Cruise Cost?


There’s no such thing as a “bad” Galapagos cruise, but it’s also definitely true that the more you pay, the more amazing your experience will be, in terms of comfort, experience, food, guides, and trip length. All cruises are all-inclusive, meaning that your ticket price includes meals onboard, lodging, and any transportation specifically listed in the itinerary

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