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With Columbus, You Can Travel Safe with Confidence.

At Columbus Travel, the safety of our guests has always been a priority.  However, we know we must go above and beyond for your well-being.  We have established additional protocols for your travel safety.  This means your vacation will be a safe and unforgettable experience.  Continuing, please see our list of new procedures for Covid travel.

Social Distance

All methods of transportation are private and you will have one single driver.

Strict and Frequent Cleaning

After each use of transportation, the vehicle(s) will be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly. Therefore, you will feel at ease traveling to each destination.

Regular Testing

All Columbus guides will complete PCR COVID-19 testing regularly. As a result, you can feel safe during any program you choose with Columbus Travel

Global Standard Protocols

All World Health Organization (WHO) protocols have been met and will continue to be complied with

Restaurants and Dining

All dining options are carefully selected restaurants by Columbus Travel. These will include establishments with excellent food management. They will follow all protocols on a national and global level.


All overnight stays will be provided at hotels who comply with national and global protocols. Additionally, they will offer effective social distancing and the highest cleaning standards


If a destination or hotel does not have private air-conditioning, please talk to our travel specialists. Any questions are welcome

Ultimately, all of these new guidelines are aligned with the government requirements.  Above all, they have been implemented according to your satisfaction and in order to provide a stress-free experience during your trip.

Are you in the planning phases of your trip? Use this helpful information!

Any questions you have are very welcome.  Write to us anytime, 24/7.  Our travel specialists will guide you in the right direction.  Our goal is to make sure you know what is happening in each region of Ecuador.  Therefore, we will guide you through the booking process for cruises, hotels, restaurants, transportation, flights, and more.  Our expertise is Galapagos, Ecuador, and Peru.  Likewise, our main goal is to make sure you have an unforgettable trip.

Trip Recommendations:

  • Book private transfers and tours before arriving to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands


  • Reserve dining ahead of time with the help of a Columbus Destination Expert


  • In fact, with our help we can also arrange domestic flights in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.

Columbus Travel and Private Transportation:

  • Every vehicle will be disinfected thoroughly for every new private group arriving.


  • Face masks are highly recommended while traveling in a vehicle or plane.


  • Hand-sanitizer will be provided, however it is encouraged to be used each time you board a vehicle or plane.

Our Galapagos Vessels:

  • All public and private surfaces will be cleaned daily.  Nonetheless, high-traffic areas will receive more care and attention.
  • Face masks are recommended.  They are also welcomed to be used in vehicles and on flights.
  • In order to support social distancing, meals may require assigned seating.  Select locations will be designated for special activities.
  • Hand-sanitizer and hand-washing will be required not only when you board the vessel, but also before and after meals.
  • All crew members of the vessel have been trained in health and safety measures, likewise with food handling.
  • All kitchen staff will follow up-to-date advice from the WHO and will proceed accordingly with all necessary requirements on a national and global level.

Our Hotels and Lodges

At Columbus Travel, we have always carefully selected our hotel and lodge partners for their high standards of quality.  Now, our partners have raised the bar even higher with their health, safety, and cleanliness procedures.  Henceforth, here are some examples of how they are staying up to date to help keep you safe:

  • Each day sterilization of all surfaces inside will be done inside your accommodation.  This will include light switches, handles, door knobs, remotes, and any thermostats.  The cleaning will be done at least twice a day, if not more.
  • The disinfection of bathrooms will have extended cleaning schedules.  In conclusion, cleaning will be done at a higher frequency in all open and public bathrooms, and especially in any public restrooms.
  • Higher frequencies of cleaning will also be included in public spaces.  For example, gym centers, bars, cafés, restaurants and meeting spaces.
  • Hotel and lodge staff will not enter your accommodations after it has been cleaned and sterilized.
  • All hotels and lodges will stay up to date with social distancing recommendations, as well as following all national and global guidelines.

What to Expect from Your Guide During Your Trip and Covid Travel.

Columbus Travel has the most excellent private guides; they are well-educated and have up-to-date training.  Wherever you go, you can feel confident you are in good hands and that you will experience the most out of your trip.

If you start to feel ill during your trip, we will help you find the best health center available.  If there are COVID symptoms present, a doctor will need to clear your case so you can continue traveling.

All staff will be required to wear face masks and other preventative clothing.  This will be based on local guidelines and recommendations

To ensure our guides are following necessary protocols, we will stay up to date with all World Health Organization standards.

Guides know their way around really well and can point out or stop at really great places like museums and/or special “can’t miss” places while traveling.

Also, because guides are locals, their knowledge gives you even more flexibility, allowing you to visit your destination and avoid crowds.

If you are hungry on the road, guides also know where the best spots are with the best hygiene and cleanliness.  They can also tell you where you can reserve in advance.

Guides are required to have all their certifications up to date, including First-Aid, CPR and any other protocols that might be required.

Columbus Travel staff is also well-equipped to handle all emergencies.

What You Can Expect from Columbus Travel during Covid.

With the current global situation regarding Covid-19 and travel, our concern for our traveler’s safety has only increased.  We will continue to do our absolute best to stay up to date with new standards and technology related to coronavirus. All travelers are asked to bring their own personal face masks.  Additionally, we will have hand sanitizer available.  However we recommend you bring your own personal hand sanitizer in the event that you would also like to use it when you want.

These steps are our promise and commitment to keep you safe.  As a result, allowing you peace of mind as you begin to travel once more.  Join us in discovering new destinations and experiences.

We will continue to evolve and update additional policies as needed while keeping you informed.