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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

A. No, the park fee can only be paid with USD cash.

A. It depends on the boat, most boats provide snorkeling equipment which you can rent at a low fee.

A. Please click here for fares, high and low season.

A. Economic and tourist class boats are quite basic without biology guides (but with guides category 2). The cabins do not have air conditioning or hot water. Some tourist superior boats have biology guides and they have hot water and air conditioning.

A. Boats navigate during the night and spend the day on the islands.

A.You will normally visit two islands a day and spend 2 to 3 hours on each one.

A. Please click here for weather information.

A. We have been operating for 7 years now and have had hundreds of clients going to Galapagos.

A. Most of naturalist 3 level guides are biologists.

A. We always receive favorable reports on the food on the boats. The better the boat the better the food and expect high quality on the food on the bigger boats.

(Kg, pounds)?

You can bring 20 kg, 44 pounds.

A. It depends on the category of the boat. On the bigger boats and the first class and luxury boats expect the guide to speak English, French and German in addition to Spanish. On the other boats, most of the guides are bilingual Spanish/English.

A. Galapagos is good to visit all year round but there is more sun and warmer water from December to May.

Galapagos Travel Guide

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