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Galapagos Budget Cruises

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What to Expect On a Budget Galapagos Cruise

Budget boats offer the most affordable Galapagos cruises and are for those who are not so concerned about niceties and most interested in experiencing the beauty and wonder of the islands.

Even though these small yachts are the cheapest way to venture through the Galapagos, the itineraries are just as good as more expensive cruises. Just the same, remember to choose your itinerary carefully to make sure you make the most of your trip and can check off all the things you’d like to see on your bucket list.

You may be sacrificing quality of the guides, food, spaciousness, comfort, and boat stability with a budget level boat, so if those issues are of concern for you, consider choosing from a midrange boat instead.

Some good options for your budget cruise include the Aida Maria, Eden, and Golondrina yachts.

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The oddly named Danubio Azul (Blue Danube in Spanish) isn't a riverboat in Central Europe, but a small, 10-passenger economically priced Galapagos permitted by the National Park to run both diving cruises

  • Diving Cruise

  • Capacity: 10 passengers

From US$1935 (4D/3N)

The Golondrina is a comfortable and small yacht suitable for 16 passengers with realistic prices for its passengers. The yacht is equipped with both motor and sails, so you may be able to experience some sailing in the Galapagos as well.

  • Small Yatch

  • Capacity: 16 passengers

From US$1222 (4D/3N)

The Eden Yacht is dedicated to serving up to 16 passengers in a comfortable and appealing atmosphere. The entire yacht is air-conditioned, giving weary explorers the perfect place to relax within the shaded lounges, bridge, and dining/bar area

  • Small Yatch

  • Capacity: 16 passengers

From US$2399 (4D/3N)

The Darwin is a budget-friendly yacht accommodating 16 passengers, six crew members, and one Naturalist Guide. Meals are served onboard in a comfortable dining room, lounge with a relaxing area to wind down after exciting excursions and other activities.

  • Small Yatch

  • Capacity: 16 passengers

From US$1063 (4D/3N)

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