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Finch Bay Eco Hotel

Located on Isabela Island.

Located in between Isabela Island’s extensive white sand beaches and a wildlife-filled lagoon, Iguana Crossing Galapagos Hotel is one of the newest hotels in the Galapagos. It is easily the nicest waterfront hotel in all the islands of the Galapagos, and certainly on Isabela. It was built with native materials by permanent residents.

Iguana Crossing is built on the southern end of town with the National Park right behind it. Beside the hotel, marine iguanas cross from the wetlands to the sea, thus giving it its name. A walkway runs alongside the wetlands to the Isabela Breeding Center.

The tasteful architectural design attracts everybody’s attention. Each room has incredible views of the beautiful beach and sea or the active volcano beyond the wetlands. Food is prepared by an amazing Argentinian chef, bringing a new standard of dining to Isabela.