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San Vicente Hotel

Located in Puerto Villamil, Isabela Island

Hotel San Vicente provides all the comforts and facilities necessary to offer our guests an excellent base from which to see Isabela, without any worries.

In particular, we have a program of guided tours led by trained guides, on which our guests can see and learn about the unique animals here, as well as the volcanoes, beaches and other wonderful places on Isabela. We offer daily tours, that start and finish at the hotel.

Guests are able to choose which hotel facilities to take advantage of, since they can choose whether to book in on our tourist or economical basis, or even to camp on our patio. For every guest, we provide services that enable them to see the island’s most attractive sights, based on our 20 years’ experience of providing such service.

Come and enjoy an excellent holiday with your family in the paradise of the Galápagos, with the best comfort and privacy we can offer.