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6 Hacks for Choosing the Perfect Galapagos Cruise

When planning a Galapagos cruise, it might seem like the options are limitless, but keep these hacks in mind and planning it will be a breeze.

1 – Set your price.

  • Budget cruises ($1000-$2000/ person for a weeklong cruise): If your goal is simply to see the stunning nature of the Galapagos Islands and not break the bank, a more conservatively priced Budget cruise ought to do the trick. Don’t expect gourmet food or spacious cabins, but you’ll still enjoy a friendly crew and an exciting itinerary.
  • Mid-range cruises ($1500-$2500/ person for a weeklong cruise): If you have a bit more wiggle room in your budget, consider upgrading to a mid-range cruise, which will offer you more comfortable accommodations, better food, and likely better social areas onboard (like an al fresco dining area or a bar and lounge).
  • First Class cruise ($2000-$4000/ person for a weeklong cruise): First class cruises are very similar in comfort and design to a luxury cruise, but some minor differences, like maybe the lack of a Jacuzzi on the sun deck or cabins that don’t feature balconies keep the prices lower on these than on luxury cruises.
  • Luxury cruise ($2500-$6000/ person for a weeklong cruise): If price isn’t an issue for you, then a luxury cruise will offer you an unparalleled experience in cruising – from spacious and well-appointed suites and private balconies to multiple open-air decks and lounges to gourmet food and expert bilingual naturalist guides, these cruises set the bar in Galapagos vacations.