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Galapagos Pre-trip Checklist

Tips before traveling to Galapagos

Even though planning your vacation to Ecuador or the Galapagos Islands might seem like preparing for a trip to Paradise, there’s still a lot to think about to make it the ideal island retreat, jungle adventure or Andean experience; so consider some of these tips before traveling, and you’re sure to have a great time:

  • Pack in advance: Your number one motto for international travel is “Be prepared.” If you wait until the last minute to pack your suitcase, you will likely find you need to buy something additional or will forget something, and it could be something important. But if you pack a week in advance, you can review your packing list and double-check that you haven’t justify anything out.
  • Pack for the multiple climates of Ecuador: Even if you’re leaving home in the bitterly cold winter months of the northern hemisphere, remember that you will be landing in sunny Ecuador. The mountainous capital city, Quito, of the Sierra region, has a more temperate climate, so if this is your destination or even your layover on your trip elsewhere, pack a sweater for the chilly evenings. If your destination is the Galapagos Islands or anywhere else along the coast or in the Amazon, be prepared for heat. There is one thing in common with all Ecuador destinations: an intense Equatorial sun. Bring high SPF block, sunglasses and a hat. Here’s a packing list for the Amazon region
  • Pack Light: Seasoned travelers will all tell you that this can make your trip much more pleasurable. That said, if you hire your trip through Columbus Travel, it’s very likely you’ll have someone to help you with baggage every step of the way once you get through customs. And if you just can’t manage to pack light, weigh your bags. Most airlines will allow you to have 1-2 checked bags of 50 lbs or less per person, plus a carry-on and a personal item. Different airlines have different size requirements, so consult their website before packing.