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Galapagos Transit Card and National Park Fees

When planning a trip to the Galapagos Islands, there are two important fees that you must be prepared for: the Galapagos National Park Entrance Fee ($100/ person) and the Transit Control Card ($20/ person). Both must be paid in cash, and without them, you will be denied entry into the Galapagos Islands.

Galapagos National Park Entrance Fee: $100/person ($50/ child)

The Galapagos Islands National Park hasn’t changed much since long before Charles Darwin ever set foot there. The pristine environment that makes this such a fascinating destination is largely thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Galapagos National Park, which strives to conserve the environment to the best of its ability with the increasingly heavy volume of travelers visiting each year.

According to the Galapagos National Park, “Funds from the entry tax for tourists are used to finance the conservation of biodiversity of flora and fauna, terrestrial and marine, and benefits the local community by improving basic services, education projects, sports, health, environmental sanitation, environmental services and services directly related to tourists.”

This fee is paid at the airport of arrival in the Galapagos Islands. Make sure you have $100 cash per person in your group with you on your person or in your carry-on.

Transit Control Card: $20/ person

The Transit Control Card helps the Governing Council of Galapagos track and monitor travel activity throughout the Galapagos Islands. This is an important metric for them to have in order to regulate and protect the Galapagos National Park to maximize both access for travelers and sustainability.

It might seem like a daunting process to file for the TCC, but it will only take a few moments if you follow this procedure for each traveler:

  1. Book your trip.
  2. Once you have your itinerary, go to .
  3. Select your language as English, choose “Passport” as the form of identification, and enter your passport number.
  4. On the next three pages, enter the information to the best of your ability about yourself, your airfare & lodging plans, and the purpose of travel.
  5. Confirm that all of the information is correct. Click “Accept.”

At this point, you will have successfully filed for your Transit Control Card, but you’re not quite done. The last (and most important) step is to go to the Governing Council of Galapagos counter at the airport in Guayaquil or Quito prior to your departure to the Galapagos Islands and pick up the Transit Control Card. You will have to present your ID (your passport) and pay $20 cash per person.

Make sure to arrive to the airport of departure with plenty of time to take care of this. The agents there will speak English to assist you in the process.

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