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How to Find the Best Deal on a Galapagos Cruise

The Deal on Galapagos Deals

With about 80 cruise boats simultaneously sailing the Galapagos, it can be overwhelming finding the best boat and the best cruise for your needs at the best price possible. These tips by the Galapagos specialists at Columbus Travel should help you choosing a cruise and looking for the best deal.

When finding the best deal, the most important factor is choosing the right boat for your needs. First, see our article about choosing between larger cruise ships and small yachts. Each has benefits and disadvantages, and selecting large or small already narrows down your choices.

Cruise Boat Categories

Then, boats are categorized by level, though different cruise lines and agencies categorize boats differently, in general they’re organized by price range from luxury to economical class.

In general, a higher category of boat will have superior service, accommodations, dining and guides that correspond with its higher price.