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The Best Galapagos Liveaboards

There’s no doubt that the Galapagos Islands are one of the most enchanting places for a diver to witness the rainbow of marine life that this unique, volcanically formed ecosystem supports. And the absolute best way to experience diving is by reserving your spot on one of the exclusive liveaboard diving cruise.

While all Galapagos cruises will give you opportunities to snorkel, there are actually very few boats that have a license from the National Park to do diving tours.

In fact, if you want to see the amazing wonders of the northern Galapagos dive sites and islands, like Wolf & Darwin, where sharks patrol the depths in astonishing numbers and manta rays glide ominously through the waters, then liveaboards are your only option.

Although the Galapagos Islands are a most-enticing opportunity for divers, the conditions at many of the dive sites include strong currents and washing machine-like waters. Most liveaboards recommend a minimum of 45 dives prior to departure to ensure your safety.