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Galapagos Mid-Range Cruises

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What to Expect On a Mid Range Galapagos Cruise

If you are looking for something between budget and luxury, mid-range vessels are an affordable Galapagos cruise option. These types of boats are very comfortable and have sufficient and attentive service. Guides are either level II or level III certified with many years of experience. You’ll also find all basic services are provided including private bathrooms with hot water, air-conditioning, and surprisingly spacious rooms. Recommendable examples of mid-range Galapagos yachts include the Archipell I and II sister catamarans, the Fragata, the Aqua and Aida Maria motor yachts.

A few things to consider before choosing a mid-range cruise is whether you favor finer accommodations and extra features or if you prefer your cruise experience to be more about the islands. If you feel you are more of an adventurer, you may decide to choose a budget cruise like the Golondrina, or Aida Maria. If you have a tendency to indulge, a high-end or luxury cruise may be more to your likings such as the Endemic, Elite, or Legend.