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Playa Negra

Black beach is one of the most unique locations to visit in the Galapagos Islands.  Its name came from the black eroded basaltic sand which derived from the Galapagos basaltic shield of volcanoes.  Around Black Beach you may see Bottle-Nosed dolphins playfully splashing about and it may be possible to see Marine iguanas diving for algae growing on the lava beds below the serene, calm, blue waters.  Marchena Island is also very mysterious.  As legend holds two bodies washed up many years ago and were naturally mummified on the island and to this day nobody knows how they came to their untimely fate!   

Highlights: Snorkeling
Animals: Marine iguanas, bottle nosed dolphins
Difficulty: Easy
Landing: None

*Note that the listed activites may differ depending of the time of the day of your visit, cruise itinerary and National Park regulations.

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