Galapagos Information - Columbus TravelSan Cristobal Island

Pitt Point

Here there are endemic species such as lava lizards and red-footed boobies. The view is impressive when you walk up to the high part of the island. You may be lucky to see the red footed booby, the least seen of the boobies. It is also the home of the Chatham mockingbird, only found on San Cristobal Island.

Highlights: Chance to see red-footed boobies and Chatham mockingbirds
Animals: Chatham mockingbirds, red-footed boobies, lava lizards, Madeiran storm petrels
Difficulty: Easy
Landing: Wet

*Note that the listed activites may differ depending of the time of the day of your visit, cruise itinerary and National Park regulations.

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