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Galapagos Islands Hotels

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Recommended Galapagos Islands Hotels

The local Galapagos experts at Columbus Travel have hand-picked the best hotels in Galapagos. All the chosen hotels promise relaxing and comfortable accommodations along with a friendly atmosphere. Each hotel offers unique opportunities of their own to enjoy and experience different encounters in the Galapagos. Find one that suites your personal interests below.

If you are looking to add to your already unforgettable cruise in the Islands, you can add extra nights in a Galapagos Hotel. Or, if you have decided that your legs aren’t fit for sea, stay in a Galapagos Hotel and experience the islands on various day or land based tours, including diving as well. Otherwise, spend your time relaxing poolside or in your comfortable room with the captivating views of the Archipelago.

Either before or after a Galapagos Cruise, feel at ease booking one of our recommended hotels on one of the main Islands of Santa Cruz, Isabela, or San Cristobal. Each hotel has been selected based on the worthiness of their facilities, services, location and quality of the overall Galapagos experience available.

Santa Cruz Island

A wide range of hotels and restaurants are available to you in Galapagos on Santa Cruz. As the most popular visitor site and main visitor center in Galapagos, Puerto Ayora is bursting with opportunity around every corner.

Cruises visit this main port of Santa Cruz daily and many tour services offer last minute cruises and land tours for great prices. During your stay on the island you can always return to the comfort of your hotel after visiting the popular Charles Darwin Research Station – the former home of Lonesome George, the famous Giant Tortoise from Pinta Island, or from taking a leisurely walk to one of the most beautiful beaches in Galapagos, Tortuga Bay. These are just a few of the many Galapagos land based tour activities available to you.

Villa Laguna Hostel

Hotel Villa Laguna in Santa Cruz is both comfortable and spacious offering their guests accommodation and a handful of Galapagos Island hotel based tours and day cruises in the heart of Puerto Ayora.

Solymar Hotel

Hotel Solymar is where you can view both the sun and the sea at the same time while residing in one of the 17 different oceanside rooms.

Royal Palm Hotel

The Royal Palm is a secluded five-star hotel located in the highlands of Santa Cruz, about 20 minutes from Puerto Ayora.