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Casa Blanca Hotel

Located directly opposite the main pier on Charles Darwin Street on San Cristobal Island

Casa Blanca Hotel is an original bed and breakfast in San Cristobal Island with a superb view to the ocean.

We offer you the best personal service in a family atmosphere, as in our opinion, it is fundamental to pay attention to the little details. We are situated on the boardwalk of the port, right in front of the tourist dock. It is very close to anything you may need on your trip: banks, restaurants, stores, Internet cafés, tourism agencies, etc.

Casa Blanca was established five years ago as a community project for hosting homes. The owner and her three daughters slowly turned it into a hotel with 7 rooms. We are pleased to serve our guests in a quiet, cozy, and safe atmosphere.

Hotel Details

  • Category:
  • Location: San Cristobal Island

  • Rooms: 7 rooms originally decorated with sea views


We offer our guests accommodation with 7 rooms originally decorated with sea views, each with the environment and name of the island. Every room has:

  • Private bathroom
  • Hot shower
  • Ceiling fan
  • Air conditioning

The Suite has 1 Queen sized bed and 1 twin with the best view of the port, including:

  • Private terrace
  • Cable TV
  • Private bathroom
  • Hot shower
  • Ceiling fan
  • Air conditioning

The other rooms are either on the top floor, second floor, or ground floor. Rooms vary from 2 twin beds, 1 queen and 1 twin, 1 queen, 1 king and 2 twins, and 3 singles with one extra.

Local Attractions

  • Punta Pitt
  • La Galapaguera
  • Cerro Brujo
  • Puerto Baquerizo Moreno
  • Puerto Chino
  • Frigate Bird Hill
  • El Progreso
  • La Loberia
  • San Joaquin Hill
  • Isla Lobos
  • Ochoa Beach
  • Kicker Rock
  • Whale Rock
  • Cerro Tijeretas
  • Underworld Hill


  • Surfing
  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Snorkeling
  • Sightseeing
  • Boat Tours

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