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Galapagos in June

The Galapagos Islands in June

Galapagos Weather in June

  • Average Max. temperature: 79°F (26.0°C)
  • Average temperature: 70°F (21.0°C)
  • Sea temp.: 76°F (24.0°C)
  • Average Monthly Rainfall: 0.6 in (1.5 cm) and around half as much in the highlands Average hours of clear skies per day: about 4

In June the air and sea temperature cool significantly, and some nights even start to get chilly as the Galapagos now have completed the transition from the hotter, rainier season into Garua season characterized by significantly less rain and a refreshing cool humidity brought in by the shifting Humboldt Ocean Current. The cool current originates in the nutrient rich waters of Antarctica and brings plankton and other sources of food for the Galapagos ocean species.

Though any month is excellent for visiting Galapagos, many consider the month of June to offer the best weather of the year because of its balance between cooler temperatures and relatively clear sunny skies

Tourist Activity

Tourist activity is now in full swing as schools and classes in the northern hemisphere come to an end for summer break. It is highly recommended to reserve months in advance and not count on finding a last minute deal, as most all boats fill up, and you may find yourself without a space on a cruise. A Galapagos land based tour is a viable option for those who tried to reserve their tour too late, and is also an excellent option for those prone to seasickness or want more free time or beach time than a cruise affords.

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June is a busy month for migrant species both in the sea and the sky. Groups of humpback whales arrive from the south, follo